The Crucible | Complete Works Theatre Company | July, 2019

Jess is thrilled to once again be working with Complete Works on their touring production of The Crucible, which is being studied by VCE students across Victoria. Jess is performing the fantastic and challenging role of Abigail Williams, and is excited to be able to share Abigail’s perspective with the students during the post-show Q&As.



You Are The Blood | Spinning Plates Co. | July, 2019

Jess and James, the partnership behind Spinning Plates Co., have been working tirelessly all year to bring you their second production: You Are The Blood by Ashley Rose Wellman, and directed by Peter Blackburn. It will be performed at Meat Market’s Stables in July, and even more special - the playwright is flying in from LA to see the show! Other cast members include Andrew Blackman, Jem Nicholas and Vivienne Powell.

“Stanley paints a captivating Shelby, one who draws the audience through the story with laughter, fear and tears.”

- Theatre Travels

Child’s Play | Creatures Within | April, 2019

Jess had an exciting time making her directorial debut with Child’s Play, created and performed by Jem Nicholas. The performance received a standing ovation at every show, and will be returning later in 2019. Congratulations to Jem for all of her wonderful work!

Extinction | Complete Works Theatre Company | February, 2019

Jess had a great start to the year, kicking off with a tour of Extinction by Hannie Rayson with Complete Works Theatre Company. Jess played Dr Piper Ross, a zoologist hell bent on saving the tiger quoll from extinction. She loved being able to perform for VCE students across Victoria.


Strata, Inc. | North of Eight | November, 2018

Capping off a great season, Jess was lucky enough to play the leading role of Lysa Strata in the world premiere of Strata, Inc., a modern adaptation of Lysistrata. Australian Stage wrote of her performance:

“Stanley is sincere and gives a layered performance of a character that could be easy to hate, keeping the audience with her to the very end.”


WN Pull.png

Ross & Rachel | Melbourne Fringe Festival | September, 2018

Jess returns to the Melbourne Fringe stage for another solo performance in Ross & Rachel, written by Olivier Award-nominated playwright James Fritz. Playing at Theatre Works from September 18 - 23rd, Ross & Rachel is a two person dialogue for one, and asks the question: what happens after The End, after you find “The One”?. This Edinburgh smash-hit now has its Australian Premier with a narrative that unravels one of our favourite sitcom couples and explores the darker side of Meant to Be. This is truly The One that you didn’t see coming.

You can find out more about the show by clicking here.

Ross & Rachel by James Fritz at Theatre Works.jpeg


Spinning Plates Co. launches | August, 2018

Jess, alongside partner James Cerche, have launched their new theatre collective, Spinning Plates Co.

Their first production will be Jess’s solo show, Ross & Rachel, performing at Melbourne Fringe Festival later this year.

You can follow along on their journey at www.spinningplatesco.com.

Last Frontier Theatre Conference | Valdez, Alaska | June, 2018

Jess had an incredible time in Alaska workshopping her new script, Sisters, Inferno, with a wonderful team and a fantastic and supportive panel of judges, led by Broadway director, David Leong, also including Patti DiBeck and Dawson Moore. She received wonderful praise for her work in the Monologue Workshop, led by Laura Gardner and Frank Collison.

Last Frontier Theatre Conference |Valdez, Alaska | March, 2018

Jess is very excited to share that in March, 2018, she was the sole Australian playwright invited to attend the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in June in Valdez, Alaska. She will be attending the week-long conference to workshop her new script Sisters, Inferno, which will be performed in Melbourne in the future. While there, she will also participate in the festival as an actor.

Scratch Night #1 | Howard Fine Acting Studio | March, 2018

On March 5th, Jess hosted the Howard Fine Acting Studio's first Scratch Night, providing local artists with the chance to create their own monologue from scratch and perform it on the very same night. As well as hosting this event, Jess couldn't resist jumping in and participating herself. The theme of the night was "That felt weird". Jess will continue to host more Scratch Nights at the Studio throughout the year as part of her role as a member on the Board of Trustees.


You can read more about the Trust and the Studio here.


I am Julius | Studio Sonder Productions | February, 2018

In February, 2018, in association with Studio Sonder, Jess wrote, associate produced, and starred in the short film I am Julius, directed by Tasha Sanders, co-starring Sarah Hallam and Shane Savage, and shot by cinematographer Stephen Hadley. Keep an eye out for it appearing soon!


The Doctor Blake Mysteries | ABC | November, 2017

In November, 2017, Jess was a guest start on last episode ever of The Doctor Blake Mysteries, which aired on the ABC. Jess played Amy Kingham, the girlfriend of one of the police officers, and got herself into all kinds of trouble (in character, of course).


You can view all of her scenes from the episode here.


The Sun & the Moon | October, 2017

In October, 2017, Jess wrote and starred in the short film The Sun & the Moon, shot entirely on iPhones, for the Bizbook's Bizmingle Short Film Competition. The film explores themes of yearning, loss, and storytelling, and also stars Anthea Greco and James Cerche.


You can watch the film here.

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn | October, 2017

In October, 2017, Jess starred with James Cerche in the short film For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn, created by Kerry Glennon. The film was for a one-minute film competition, and is based on the short story of the same name by Ernest Hemingway.

You can watch the film here.

Lady & the Traffic Lamp | VCA | September, 2017

In September, Jess starred in a very unique VCA student film, Lady & the Traffic Lamp. With no dialogue allowed, the story is conveyed entirely through the performance, cinematography and music.


You can watch the film here.


Navy Pier | North of Eight | August, 2017

In August, 2017, Jess performed in the Victorian premiere of Navy Pier by John Corwin, at the Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne. This was her debut performance with her own theatre company, North of Eight, founded in 2016.

Discover more about the show here.


Ménage | Lucy Tafler Presents | September, 2016

In 2016, Jess performed in the wildly successful one-woman show, Ménage, created by Ryan Good, at Melbourne Fringe Festival. It was nominated for Best Performance Award. Brought over from a well-received season at Edinburgh Fringe, Jess joined one of the original UK performers in sharing the workload of this demanding twenty-five minute, one-woman piece, which Jess performed three times a night for the entirety of the Melbourne Fringe season. With an audience of only two per show, this intimate piece was created entirely  from interviews with real sex workers from the UK and Australia.

Read more about it here.