Praise for Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y (2019)

“Stanley's portrayal of Beth never disappoints…She can can burst into spontaneous prayer on request and could possibly lead a cult.” – Weekend Notes

“Stanley is particularly brilliant as she skulks around the stage, her eyes taking up most of it.” – Australian Stage

“Stanley gets a chance to display manic, motor-mouth energy… [she] gets a lot of comedy out of Beth’s self-abnegation and non sequiturs…” – Stage Whispers

“Jessica Stanley as Beth, host of the party, is vibrant…” – Melbourne Observer

Praise for You Are The Blood (2019)

“Stanley paints a captivating Shelby, one who draws the audience through the story with laughter, fear and tears. Cerche and Stanley play well off each other, their lighter moments contrasting beautifully with their conflicts. Their scenes with their mother, [Vivienne Powell] are at times so real it feels you really are sitting in their dining room…”  - Theatre Travels

Good performances from Jessica Stanley…and Jem Nicholas….the production comes most to life when Jessica and Jem are together.” - 3mbs

As we’ve come to expect, director Peter Blackburn elicits natural performances from his cast.  The bond between Shelby and Ben is convincing brother-sister stuff.  The conflict between Shelby and her mother rings true.  The faux ‘friendship’ that develops between Shelby and Sylvia is suitably coloured with a hidden sneer under fascination on one side and naïve self-absorption on the other…” - Stage Whispers

Praise for Ross & Rachel (2018)

“Stanley convincingly flits between reality and sitcom, taking the star couple far from the television set.”- The Age

 “Stanley flawlessly portrays each character”- BCause Arts

“Stanley's performance is magnificent as she navigates the cross narratives and embodies the different identities…This is no mean feat for a performer and Jessica Stanley continually amazes” - Weekend Notes

“Kudos to Stanley. Ross & Rachel is a marathon…not for one single second did I feel [Stanley] was not in control…she never let us leave the story.” - What Did She Think?

“powerhouse actress, Jessica Stanley… grabs this one-person show by the bull horn and rides the emotional rollercoaster of two very different characters like a seasoned performer.” - BCause Arts

 “Jessica Stanley gives a committed performance with a demanding script that calls for sudden emotional and tonal changes” – My Melbourne Arts

 “Writer James Fritz is clearly accomplished, but he sets his female actor – in this production the equally accomplished Jessica Stanley - a hard task, as she must be both Ross and then Rachel… Great performance from Jessica…If I had more time I would return. It deserves a second look.” – Peter Green, 3mbs

“James Fritz’ complex and tightly written script was heavily held together and reliant on the skills and strength of the actress performing the show, Jessica Stanley (MénageMFF16). Stanley is continually playing more than one character, often in quick succession, with these character transformations indicted by a simple gesture, a prop, a change in vocal tone or speed or by employing different and specific mannerisms for each persona. She is to be applauded on the slickness of her transitions and subtle nuances that indicated her many characters… Her commitment to hours of rehearsal and dedication to her portrayals are evident.” - Dana Hamilton, SYN

Praise for Strata, Inc. (2018)

“Stanley is sincere and gives a layered performance of a character that could be easy to hate, keeping the audience with her to the very end.” - Australian Stage

“One of my 10 best productions of 2018…homegrown writing for the company, clever plotting, good casting and dedicated creativity.” - Peter Green, 3MBS

Praise for Ménage (2016)

“Sex worker's secrets make for gripping theatre... ★★★★” – The Age

“hypnotic…Ménageis a beautifully intimate and touching experience”BCause Arts

Praise for Navy Pier (2017)

“A pull of contrasting emotions electrify the room as relationships evolve quickly (like the passionate romance between Kurt and Iris, captivatingly portrayed by [Stanley])” – BCause ARTS


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